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Skeuotech: Where Shapes Meets Technology

Ever heard of 'skeuo'? It's not just a word — it's our magic wand! We blend shapes and cutting-edge tech to turn the unfamiliar into your new favorite. It's not about just understanding; it's about that 'aha!' moment where everything clicks. Join us in the art of making the new feel like home, where shapes and tech dance together to create digital magic!

Get ready to tackle your urgent design and marketing needs, whether they're big or small, with our flexible and agile services. Experience on-demand services, choosing from a suite of project-based creative services including branding, website design or redesign, Figma to Webflow builds, top-to-bottom development and more.

Explore how Skeuotech can accelerate your business. Contact us at info@skeuotech.com

"In the dynamic digital landscape, Skeuotech excels in crafting agile brands, capturing pivotal moments, and adapting effortlessly to changing trends. We navigate fast-paced terrain, ensuring clients lead with innovation and create lasting connections in a blink".

David Lazar
co-Founder, Skeuotech

Crafting digital experiences with Webflow

Dive into the forefront of digital innovation with Skeuotech's Latest Works. Explore our showcase of cutting-edge projects, where creativity meets functionality. From captivating landing pages to robust marketing websites, witness the transformative power of our design prowess. Stay inspired, stay ahead – this is Skeuotech's commitment to shaping digital excellence.


South Capital

Logo, Branding, Website Design & Development

Meet the Minds: Skeuotech's Creative Force

Meet the brilliant minds at Skeuotech—the driving force behind our innovative, adaptable, and inquisitive company culture. Our team is dedicated to transforming visions into digital marvels, ensuring every project is a testament to our passion for creativity and cutting-edge technology.

David Lazar
Alex Zubanych
Webflow Developer
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Our thrilled clients

Get to know the people behind the projects


Skeuotech turned our vision into a digital masterpiece! Their attention to detail and seamless integration of shapes and tech made our user experience unforgettable.

Olha Mandyuk
executive director, Canada Ukraine Chamber of Commerce

Impressive work! Skeuotech's innovative approach not only accelerated our users' understanding but also brought a touch of familiarity to the cutting edge.

David Varadi
Founder & CEO, Trend Investment

Shapes and technologies blended in perfect harmony! Skeuotech's expertise transformed our project, making it not just user-friendly but downright lovable.

Viktoria Podolska
Founder & CEO, dr. podolska

Working with Skeuotech was a game-changer for us. Their commitment to making the new feel familiar truly set our brand apart. Highly recommended!

Myroslav Malynych
founder & CEO, gluvis

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Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We've got answers. Explore our FAQ section for quick insights into our services, process, and everything in between. If you don't find what you're looking for, reach out, and our team will be delighted to assist you on your digital journey with Skeuotech.

How can I estimate the cost of my project?

Project pricing is flexible and tailored to fit your needs, considering factors such as project scope and deliverables. We offer a variety of services with different price ranges to accommodate your budget. If you're in the early stages and uncertain about your project's specifics, we can assess your scope together, providing clarity on the costs involved before you proceed.

What is the initial step in the process?

Begin with a 30-minute discovery session where we delve into the purpose and goals of your website. After understanding your business thoroughly and confirming our compatibility, we'll provide you with a comprehensive proposal outlining the project's scope and exact cost.

What is the typical timeline for website development?

The duration of the project is influenced by factors like project size and feedback responsiveness. Generally, most websites are finalized and live within 2 to 6 weeks from the project initiation. For post-launch updates or additional pages, we accommodate new work on an on-demand basis.

Is the Skeuotech team available for international projects?

Yes. Our team collaborates with clients worldwide, accustomed to navigating various time zones. Regardless of your location, we can establish a schedule that accommodates both parties, ensuring we can conduct meetings as necessary.

What is Webflow exactly?

Webflow serves as a website building and hosting platform, enabling the development of custom websites more affordably and efficiently than coding from the ground up. It's our chosen tool for crafting websites, including this one.